Connect and collaborate in the Cloud.

Onshape is a revolution in design with exponential improvements in creativity and speed. It is a collaborative platform to always work, from wherever you are, with the equipment you have and without investing in servers or network hardware.

Onshape is the only software-as-a-service (SaaS) product development platform that combines CAD, built-in data management, real-time collaboration tools, and Business Analytics.


The SolidWorks developers, after selling their product, dedicated themselves to rewriting it from scratch to work in the cloud, just like google docs, this means that you never have to handle files again, never again the risk of someone unauthorized accessing your data.


While traveling in the subway, or wherever you are, on whatever device, you can enter, view, edit, approve, and interact with the rest of the team. Always in real time. Always looking at the latest updated version.


Everyone is aware. In the field, in the office, at home, contractors, third parties, experts… everyone interacts, gives their opinion, and approves designs from conception to implementation. Without confusion, delays, errors and mainly never losing the work done.

OnShape is the only 3D mechanical development platform. that can be instantly deployed to any computer or mobile device, allowing teams to work together globally and quickly.

Onshape helps companies streamline the product design process.


When you send a job to do, you receive blueprints from your suppliers. All these files are in different formats. It is difficult to find them when you have to look for which one is current, to analyze a problem, make a change or integrate it with another module. You look for them using the mail, you share them in the cloud or using special systems for saving files and versions. There are always copies and you are never sure which one is the right version.

Dynamic and fluid work

This lack of integration generates between 30% and 50% more hours to correct measurements, redo the designs and mainly 70% of rework, when the measurements were not correct and surely changes will have to be made once the assembly is done. The graph shows that, in order to keep versions in order, each person must wait for the previous one to finish, to be able to make their contributions.

You do not work with licenses, but with named accounts. So, you can access your account from different devices and not be tied to a single machine.

Always up to date

Onshape allows engineers, vendors, and personnel in the field to "see" the latest design from where they are, with whatever equipment they have ... be it a phone, a tablet or a PC, with any graphics card and memory. Onschape does not have multiple files. It is in the cloud and stores everything you have done online. Drawings will never be lost again.

OnShape frees your IT team from CAD and PDM maintenance and allows your engineers to spend more time designing.

Collaborative work

Never again take the same measurements, never again work on the wrong version, never again waste weeks redesigning or adjusting during assembly. The system was developed by the creators of SolidWorks and this time they developed it from scratch, applying all their know-how, prepared to be collaborative in a native way.

Teams can experiment with design alternatives together or independently without affecting each other's work. Real-time design reviews, comments, and concurrent editing enable a collaborative workflow in which multiple design iterations can be completed in parallel.

Shared Plans

Plans can be shared and approved by / from the same tool, collaborating with everyone involved to eliminate errors or wrong projections. Versions can be compared. Analyze and accept all changes together or only those that are good.

The best ideas and the best elements can be combined to make the final design. Product specifications and drawings can be instantly shared with your manufacturing team or suppliers to get the best possible product on the market before your competition.


It is so easy to use and learn that once we show it to you, you will enter, you will use it from your PC, tablet or cell phone, in the company or outside of it, and you will not be able to believe it.


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